BRONZi Blonde

Dance Music to get weird to



“No Dancing” is a reverse psychological homage to the current state of Nashville. A mixed message buried under loud funky weirdness provided by a group of friends playing all together live over the course of three 6 hour sessions at County Q Productions. It's an album about life love and the anxious pursuit of freedom in a world where No Dancing is allowed.



No Dancing was written and performed by Scott Soder on bass, keys and lead vocals, Stepan Gubanov on drums and percussion, Dylan Wayman on guitar, and Joseph Gosnell on trumpet and backing vocals.  Since the recording of No Dancing, BRONZi has added a couple key players including Evan Buford on guitar and Abby Turnham on backing vocals and good time vibes.



Saxophone virtuoso Miqui G on half of the songs on “No Dancing” with his expansive pedal board work and mind bending solo sections.